Programs and Services

Five-star, exceptional service in non-traditional environments.  This is what Kann Succeed Enterprises specializes in.  From shopping centers, healthcare, transportation and retail, Kann Succeed is committed to helping our clients establish legendary service brands that their customers unabashedly love.   We offer customized training programs, secret shop programs, concierge programs, and recognition and rewards programs uniquely suited for our client’s environment.

Programs and Services

Training Programs
Kann Succeed offers a variety of training solutions for achieving and supporting the goals of your company. Investing in great training is as important as investing capital or equipment into your business – investing in your team members is a long-term benefit that continuously adds value.

  • Customized Training Programs: developed specifically for your company’s unique customer needs and business goals.
  • Off-the-Shelf Training Programs: If you have identified a gap or find need to develop skills in a specific area, we can help.  Kann Succeed offers modular training programs and materials that can be used “as is” or customized for your company’s specific needs.  Popular topics include Memorable, Five-Star Hospitality; Team-Building; Coaching for High Performance; Helping Difficult-for-Me Customers; Telephone Etiquette and Standards.
  • Train-the-Trainer Programs: prepares new trainers with critical training skills for delivering powerful and effective training.
  • Hospitality Training for Healthcare: Kann Succeed believes that to deliver consistent experiences and obtain sustainable results, improving patient experience and satisfaction must be engrained into an organization’s cultural, its DNA.  Our programs and tools are designed to help optimize the patient experience while generating sustainable results for your caring environment.
Recognition and Rewards Programs
You take time to hire the best and build empowered, passionate, dedicated teams.  You invest in the best through effective training, coaching and holding all team members accountable.  Don’t stop there!  Recognizing outstanding performances is crucial component in creating Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors.  Kann Succeed can provide customized, meaningful and impactful recognition and rewards programs that highlight excellence while supporting your company’s mission. We specialize in creating both formal and informal recognition programs that clearly communicate purpose, improvement, and desired outcomes worthy of the award and accolades.

Corporate Universities and Learning Centers
Your company has decided to invest in its intellectual assets and launch a corporate university.  Now what do you do?!  Once the decision has been made, the next steps can seem overwhelming and daunting.  Kann Succeed Enterprises can help!

In today’s knowledge economy, the ability of your people to adapt, learn and grow is increasingly your most important competitive advantage. It is an advantage that you can maximize by providing your employees with appropriate development opportunities.

Kann Succeed can help you design and develop your corporate university or improve your learning organization.  We can help you build out your strategy, assess your current state, and develop a plan to outline next steps.


Comprehensive Secret Shop Program
Even the best, customer service-focused companies can fall short of providing exceptional, five-star service 100% of the time.  Your company’s business strategy may not align with how customers make purchasing choices and decisions.  The experiences you think your customers are receiving may not be happening consistently, or in reality, are not even close to the company mission.  Our secret shop survey program provides your company with results based on third-party non-invested customer feedback, measured against your company’s service standards and expectations.  Our detailed feedback is combined with our customized templates, personalized customer service and reporting tool to create the most effective and quality-driven program possible for each client.

Concierge Programs
World-class concierge service from concept development to implementation.

  • Healthcare Concierge Programs: supports the medical center’s mission to provide family and patient-centered care in a healing environment, increasing patient comfort during their hospital stay.  Concierge services extended to all employees, physicians, administrators and clinical team members, increasing employee satisfaction and reducing turnover rates, while increasing patient satisfaction.
  • Shopping Center Concierge: Full-service concierge concept in shopping centers provide added conveniences for shoppers, and additional support for retail merchants.