Hello, and welcome!  I’m Kellee Everts, founder and principal of Kann Succeed Enterprises.  It’s a pleasure to meet you!  I began Kann Succeed Enterprises to quench my passion for building successful service-driven cultures from the inside out…top down, bottom up.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a passion for bringing happiness and joy to others.  This may seem kind of trivial, as they don’t offer college degrees in Happiness (although a few companies have created positions that focus on this very important component of success by establishing Chief Happiness Officers…a title I can really appreciate!)

I have found that throughout my career, what has made me feel the most fulfilled and, well, happy, was helping others…co-workers, customers, family and friends…doing whatever I could to help them along their paths to success.  For me, this was integral to my own success.

Companies built on a service-driven foundation are successful

When I started out, I had two missions:  One, to quench my passion for creating the “tipping point” for exceptional service, and two, to be a catalyst for other’s success, which led me to the age-old question, “what is success?”

Fierce focus on the end-goal is essential.  Keep a constant focus on the dream, and make it happen with a non-wavering foundation built solidly on core principles.  Companies built on a service-driven foundation never forget that its customers are both in and outside the company.  They never forget the promise they have with them.  They never forget that without the customer’s loyalty and devotion, they really have no business.  When companies are built on this foundation, it’s difficult to fail.  Bumps will occur along the road, but these companies perceive the bumps as opportunities to do better, reach farther, and increase customer loyalty.  Service-driven companies listen to all their customers and ask “how can we do better?”

Winning Formula for Success: Teamwork + Always put the Customer #1 = Enthusiastic Brand Ambassadors

Over the years, I’ve had the superb opportunity to work with exceptional, top-notch companies known for doing things differently, for stepping out of the proverbial box, and shaking things up in their respective industries by fiercely focusing on the customer experience.  I have lead and championed successful teams, projects and programs over the last two decades, and have a proven track record of building successful, sustainable service-driven cultures.  This is my passion and my success.