Do you remember the last time you visited an Emergency Room?  If you are like most people, a visit to the ER is usually the absolute last resort after all other options have been exhausted.  I’m no different.  Once I’ve made the decision to bite the proverbial bullet and head on over to the ER, I’ve also decided that the next 2 – 12 hours of my precious time are pretty much fair game and no longer in my control.

Wait Times are Long, Patience is Short

I will admit, the last time I sat in the ER waiting room, waiting for what seemed like days for my son to be seen by a doctor, I was so close, too close, to just leaving.  Sure, my son needed medical help…he blacked out earlier in the evening for no apparent reason.  Yes, he needed to be at the ER.  But surely he couldn’t have been in that bad of shape if they made him wait hours to be seen!  I wanted to scream, “Help Us!  Tell us what is going on!”  I’m very glad I didn’t, as that would only have embarrassed my teenage son, who already was having a bad day.

Courtesy in the Emergency Room

Courtesy is one of the most basic elements of human communication. This is as, if not more important in the ER.  Anxiety and concern are
high.  Being in the ER itself is generally unexpected and outside our normal day to day activity.  When it comes to ER physicians, the courtesy and respect shown towards the patient and their families has a direct impact on their entire experience.  Considering that 40%-50% of most patients  are admitted through the ER, the experience patients have in the ER should be of great concern for hospitals nation-wide.

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