3 Ways to Improve the Front Desk Experience

I got a reminder call yesterday afternoon regarding the doctor appointment I had scheduled today at 10:00am. A “courtesy” call conducted by a friendly enough, though bored-sounding, front office staffer seemingly going through the motions of checking my name off her to-do list.

In a Rush with No Time to Spare.

I rushed from one errand to another before my appointment this morning, and arrived right on time with a minute to spare and a little breathless. I signed in and took my seat with the rest of the patients patiently waiting. After 30 minutes, the front desk associate called my name to collect my co-payment. I handed her my credit card, to which she said, “Oh, we don’t take credit cards anymore; just cash or checks.” I had […]

Lead by example. But where are we going?

We’re all probably familiar with the sort of customer service that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and a touch of anger in the pit of your stomach. It’s the sort of so-called “assistance” that would take a very well-adjusted person to be able to call in with a legitimate complaint or concern and leave without feeling even the least bit swindled. And at the last place I worked, that exact sort of service was our specialty…

Confessions of a Bad Customer Service Rep, Part III

I never figured out if our CEO really hated the people whose support provided the basis of his livelihood, or if he just hated humankind in general. But he really did seem to love giving our customers the hardest time possible. And […]

Confessions of a Bad Customer Service Representative

Accountability starts at the top. Associates will model actions they observe of their leaders. So what happens when leadership teaches the wrong lessons? I recently had a friend, a former customer service representative, share her experiences working in customer service for an online retail company. Here is one of her stories:

Confessions of a Bad Customer Service Representative

For a year and a half, I worked as one of the faceless social media brand ambassadors of an online company. We sold food products; that was our specialty. As you can imagine, there’s a lot of potential for issues to arise in the purchase of online edible goods (e.g. expired product, false representation of the item, incorrectly filled orders), so we fielded many a customer complaint each day. But our CEO wasn’t […]

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Patient Care through the Eyes of a Child

HiResSome of the most sought-after, talented physicians can be amazingly clueless when it comes to providing compassionate patient care.  When it comes to providing exceptional service, there is no greater time of need then when people find themselves or their loved ones in the hospital at their most vulnerable and anxious. Instead of reducing the patient’s anxiety, some only enhance it.

Most patients and their families are scared and anxious when visiting the hospital.  With so much attention in healthcare being placed on the patient experience, and rightfully so, it pays for all care providers, especially doctors, to understand the impact they have on their patients…even on their youngest ones.

The following memory, graciously being shared, comes from a very […]




Do you remember the last time you visited an Emergency Room?  If you are like most people, a visit to the ER is usually the absolute last resort after all other options have been exhausted.  I’m no different.  Once I’ve made the decision to bite the proverbial bullet and head on over to the ER, I’ve also decided that the next 2 – 12 hours of my precious time are pretty much fair game and no longer in my control.

Wait Times are Long, Patience is Short

I will admit, the last time I sat in the ER waiting room, waiting for what seemed like days for my son to be seen by a doctor, I was so close, too close, to just leaving.  Sure, my son needed medical […]

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