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3 Ways to Improve the Front Desk Experience

I got a reminder call yesterday afternoon regarding the doctor appointment I had scheduled today at 10:00am. A “courtesy” call conducted by a friendly enough, though bored-sounding, front office staffer seemingly going through the motions of checking my name off her to-do list.

In a Rush with No Time to Spare.

I rushed from one errand to another before my appointment this morning, and arrived right on time with a minute to spare and a little breathless. I signed in and took my seat with the rest of the patients patiently waiting. After 30 minutes, the front desk associate called my name to collect my co-payment. I handed her my credit card, to which she said, “Oh, we don’t take credit cards anymore; just cash or checks.” I had […]

Revolutionizing Company Culture

Usually, when a prominent company has been in the news as often as Zappos seems to have been the past few years, it’s not for a notably great reason. Recently, the online shoe retailer has once again made headlines for changing up the entire structure of their company, doing away with all managerial titles and giving every employee equal status within the company. It’s a revolutionary business design to be sure, but even before taking this enormous leap into rarely charted territories, Zappos had already been experimenting with newfangled ways of handling an otherwise rather static department of business: customer service.

Customer Loyalty…priceless

Zappos’ customer relations department is known for going to great lengths to exceed consumer expectations, no matter the cost to the company. There are cases of […]

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Lead by example. But where are we going?

We’re all probably familiar with the sort of customer service that leaves a bad taste in your mouth and a touch of anger in the pit of your stomach. It’s the sort of so-called “assistance” that would take a very well-adjusted person to be able to call in with a legitimate complaint or concern and leave without feeling even the least bit swindled. And at the last place I worked, that exact sort of service was our specialty…

Confessions of a Bad Customer Service Rep, Part III

I never figured out if our CEO really hated the people whose support provided the basis of his livelihood, or if he just hated humankind in general. But he really did seem to love giving our customers the hardest time possible. And […]

Customer Service Turnover…and Over and Over

In a perfect world, our “Success Stories” would merely be accounts of the everyday encounter. But they aren’t, and that’s what makes these stories so remarkable — they are tales of those going above and beyond the expected to really make a difference, whether it be for a single customer or for society as a whole. Of course, for success stories to be so noteworthy, you need the opposite end of the spectrum to also exist. And it does. Which means that it’s time for another unfortunate installment of confessions from a bad customer service rep!

Confessions of a Bad Customer Service Representative, Part II

Hi! Bad customer service rep, here. In my last contribution, I outlined the ways in which the CEO […]

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