Patient Care through the Eyes of a Child

HiResSome of the most sought-after, talented physicians can be amazingly clueless when it comes to providing compassionate patient care.  When it comes to providing exceptional service, there is no greater time of need then when people find themselves or their loved ones in the hospital at their most vulnerable and anxious. Instead of reducing the patient’s anxiety, some only enhance it.

Most patients and their families are scared and anxious when visiting the hospital.  With so much attention in healthcare being placed on the patient experience, and rightfully so, it pays for all care providers, especially doctors, to understand the impact they have on their patients…even on their youngest ones.

The following memory, graciously being shared, comes from a very […]




Do you remember the last time you visited an Emergency Room?  If you are like most people, a visit to the ER is usually the absolute last resort after all other options have been exhausted.  I’m no different.  Once I’ve made the decision to bite the proverbial bullet and head on over to the ER, I’ve also decided that the next 2 – 12 hours of my precious time are pretty much fair game and no longer in my control.

Wait Times are Long, Patience is Short

I will admit, the last time I sat in the ER waiting room, waiting for what seemed like days for my son to be seen by a doctor, I was so close, too close, to just leaving.  Sure, my son needed medical […]

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My Passion…My Success


Hello, and welcome!  I’m Kellee Everts, founder and principal of Kann Succeed Enterprises.  It’s a pleasure to meet you!  I began Kann Succeed Enterprises to quench my passion for building successful service-driven cultures from the inside out…top down, bottom up.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always had a passion for bringing happiness and joy to others.  This may seem kind of trivial, as they don’t offer college degrees in Happiness (although a few companies have created positions that focus on this very important component of success by establishing Chief Happiness Officers…a title I can really appreciate!)

I have found that throughout my career, what has made me feel the most fulfilled and, well, happy, was helping others…co-workers, […]